“Rose Sher is a very well trained and experienced practitioner who has a profound understanding of the body and a mature approach to working with serious trauma.  She has been able to help many of my patients resolve traumatic experiences that have affected their bodies.  I have great confidence in referring patients to her and feel that she is a valuable asset to the community.”

John Horton, MD

“Going to Rose was the best decision I’ve made for my body in years.  I went to her unable to really be athletic, feeling stressed and extremely tired.  Her body work relieved my back and arm pain from old car accidents, sports injuries, and the everyday strain of my dental practice.  Now I really have my energy back – I work a full day and enjoy workouts without any pain at all!”

-David Villarreal, DDS

“What I’ve gained through this therapy is immeasurable.  I went to Rose for pain from M.S. and arthritis and we integrated Somatic Experiencing to address my feelings of great fear and loss.  Dealing with my emotions in this proactive manner allowed me to return to my own work.”

-Nancy Ashley, Marriage & Family Therapist

“It’s the only thing that’s ever worked for the twisted vertebrae and pinched nerve I got in a snowboarding accident.  I’m now free of tension and pain and am more flexible than ever.”

-Steve Plant, Restaurant Manager

“After some of the earlier sessions I couldn’t imagine feeling much better. Toward the end of the weeks-long series I felt as if I had walked into a new body. I have never felt so spry in the entire 35 years of my adult life. Today, nearly two weeks after the final session, I feel that my body is, at the same time, both softer and more solid, as well as more elastic. What a joy!

I originally sought out Rose Sher because of discomfort in my right hand caused by playing a musical instrument. Although not completely eliminated yet, the discomfort has been significantly lessened. She taught me some techniques and exercises that I am able to use at home that promise to continue the healing process. Let there be music!
As for my body in general, I feel so blessed to have decades of creakiness eliminated from this now comfortable package of my grinning self.”

-Gary Dempsey, Musician

“Five months ago walking was painful. My work involving constant computer activity – created deep cervical spasms. These symptoms and my inner search for equilibrium brought me to Rose Sher. From then until now, I have come far. The plantar fascitis is a memory, my neck is creating a new memory of ‘Ease’, my upper back and arms work all day long without complaining. I feel grateful to the late Dr. Rolf for her vision and methodology –her insight into fascial release inspired Rose – whose personal style of the “Rolf Method” is an exceptional reflection of the work. Rose demonstrates great empathy and kindness in observing the individual response which has allowed me to move through discomfort into my now consistent  ‘Ease’.”

-Suanne Shayer, RN.